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Bring colour and a personal touch to services

Funeral Home Graphics offers multiple options for personalizing caskets. Almost any graphic can be adhered to the flat or smooth surface on the outside of the casket plus inserts work great as an inside display.


Our personalization program stands alone due to our integration of full colour custom printed graphics. From the most simple designs to layouts that include family photos, quotes, special interests and affiliations, we are pleased to be able to bring this service to our products to add lasting value.

From the most basic casket selections to adding colour; there are ways to add that personal touch.

colour casket2.png

Casket Inserts

In order to accommodate a funeral home’s existing inventory of urns, Funeral Home Graphics can provide full colour options to embellish your urns in more subtle ways. This may include a simple oval photo, service club emblem or we can take one of your existing urns and wrap them according to a family’s preferences.

Flat to sample image.png

Casket Wraps

Offer a unique options for families to personalize a casket using a full colour wrap. Choose from a selection of images or have a custom design created.

Casket Decals

Decals can be added to caskets to add a simple touch and come in sets of six. Decals can include logos, service club emblems, family crests, etc.

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