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About Funeral Home Graphics

Funeral Home Graphics is a design and print company offering premium memorial products and printing services to funeral homes. We started as a division of Haberers, Inc. which for three generations has provided burial vaults and interment services to funeral homes across Southwestern Ontario, Canada. In 2015, Funeral Home Graphics was created to fill a need in the industry and is currently operated by Nick Haberer.

Our main goal at Funeral Home Graphics is to contribute to creating one-of-a-kind personalized memorial products and services by engaging with Progressive Funeral Directors. The main objective going forward is to continue to create custom products from premium materials that meet requested specifications efficiently and accurately within a required delivery period.

Funeral Home Graphics has developed as the demand increased for personalized funeral resources. We have introduced various products from everyday stationery needs to more unique services from casket wraps to personalized urns to cap panels and photo wrapped urns. As we grow, we continue to integrate new products and options to offer to funeral homes and families.

We are open to discussing with Funeral Homes or individuals whom may be interested in our products and services.
Please feel free to contact us for more information at

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